Jocelyn Morera
Art Director


 Btw, this is how I look in B&W

Btw, this is how I look in B&W

I'm Jocelyn, actually my whole name is Jocelyn Leticia Adeline Krystle Morera Boza... usually the length of my name gets a conversation going.

I graduated from the
Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), with an M.F.A in Advertising. I'm a web designer turned art director. I was born in LA, raised in Costa Rica and Florida, that means I can handle being around monkeys and other jungly things. My work buddy is a six-pound chihuahua; she's fierce on supervising. On Thursday nights, you can find me practicing tango at the dance studio.  

Do you need a handy-dandy art director who's pumped to work on cool projects or even a not-so-cool project? Let's get in touch!