TaB Rewind

TaB Cola re-introduces itself as a classic cola drink through retro-looking items, innovative stealth/guerilla tactics and partnerships that attract anyone who lives and breathes hipster culture or vintage nostalgia.

The campaign objective is to re-establish TaB’s brand awareness to a whole new generation of niche soda lovers who dislike traditional advertising methods.

TaB Thrift Store Shirts

1. We will make old-looking worn t-shirts that sport the TaB brand name  2. They will be donated to Goodwill and other thrift stores. 
3. Hipsters and thrifters who enjoy sporting retro-looking attire buy the T shirts without knowing our undercover awareness tactic. 

TaB Tshirt at a Goodwill rack.

TaB Bottle Caps

Let’s make people think that everyone (in the know) is drinking TaB.
We’ll make vintage-looking bottle caps and scatter them in areas of high traffic.

Caps strewn about near concert trashbins.

Fallout 4 Vending Machines

Fallout4 is a video game set in a post-apocalyptic world, so let's supply gamer's with TaB soda to level up the gaming experience.

Fallout 4 vending machine in gameplay environment.


A gamer monthly subscription box will pay tribute to the ‘90s by showcasing fan-favorite brands and get customers to try TaB cola.

Lootcrate.com showcases the Rewind box for April.

Lootcrate Rewind Box

Like all Loot Crates, the cardboard box becomes reversible to surprise fans with a Fallout 4 TaB vending machine.


A vinyl monthly subscription plan sets subscribers up for receiving curated music. 
Vnyl.org will partner up with #TaBRewind to feature top artists from the ‘90s.

Vynl.org will partners with #TaBrewind for a curated '90's mix of music.

Vynl.org will partners with #TaBrewind for a curated '90's mix of music.

Rewind App

Loosely associated with TaB, users can apply vintage looking filters, retro VHS art, glitches, ‘90s stickers, sounds and more.


The Tumblr page will be TaB’s major hub for information and user-content provided by the Rewind App.

TaB Tumblr site showcases Rewind app content.

Art Director: Jocelyn Morera  
Copywriter: Ryan Lewis

School: Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)